Bored of the Worlds

Ok, so we paid a lot of money to see Jeff Wayne’s musical version of ‘War of the Worlds’ and apart from the obviously very good band and orchestra it was overall quite poor.

I’m not sure what the reviewers were watching to give such glowing reviews, but to me it was basically $100+ to listen to some music, watch a crappy movie, some lame acting and a variety of technical problems.

It really didn’t help that the singer/actors were completely let down by the audio system. Justin Hayward faded in and out during Forever Autumn and what was with the Martian Fighting Machine stuck in the middle of the autumn leaves! Surely, that was also a technical problem with retracting the machine – or else it was just lame direction with either choice leading to a less than satisfactory experience.

Chris Thompson sounded sick during his performance, either that or the audio system just made him sound like crap. Pity as his performance is usually exceptional.

Rachel Beck as the Parsons Wife looked the part and gave a reasonably good performance, but she was being forced to perform with Shannon Noll as the Parson. Sadly he gave a luck lustre performance with an accent somewhere between the US and Australia which isn’t real good considering he was meant to be a pom 😦

The hologram of Richard Burton looked good, a very nice effect. However, guys, it looks pretty stupid when the lip sync is wrong. Fortunately it did marginally improve in the second half of the show.

Michael Falzon, you can hold your head up as you did a pretty good job. You seemed to be the only person to not suffer audio problems and had sufficient energy to wake us up from our slumber.

As for the venue – sheesh – well we didn’t pre-purchase tickets and that was actually fortunate as many of the people picking up tickets would not have seen the start of the show, whereas we just turned up, got a reasonable pair of seats and were inside while a large group of pre-purchasers lamented their fate.

If it was free I’d give it 6/10 , but since the price was far from free i’d have to give it a pathetic 4/10. Not good, buy the CD and listen to it, use your imagination and you’ll have a better experience


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