Now that’s odd

It is somewhere between ‘oddly disturbing’ and ‘outright terrifying’ to have another guy write poetry about me.

More to the point, it is also terribly inaccurate.   I do fear receiving more adoring prose by responding, but I feel I do need to point out the more obvious flaws.

  1. Process freezes and applications hung.   I find it difficult to blame java for all my hung applications.  I did try, but since some weren’t written in java I had to desist.
  2. Netbeans is a good IDE – I use it for java and C development and i’m hoping to use it for Scala development.  It’s not perfect, but fantastic for the price.
  3. I never said do system programming in Java.   Though there are*extremely* good reasons for doing this and I should really write about it at some time.   Funnily enough I recall being called a heretic for writing system code in C rather than assembler so it’s quite funny to be accused of this – well it did make me laugh anyway.
  4. I felt the point was lost when suggesting python was the language to use….  Clearly delusional thinking.  Python is good for glue code and that’s really where it should stop.  Yes, I know i’ll probably burn in hell for saying that.

It’s been a long week so i’ll conclude by saying that the poem was odd, factually incorrect, clearly the product of a sick vogon mind.  Anyway, in case anyone wonders, the poem author and I work together and it’s all in good jest – well I hope it is, but if you hear of some strange event on the news then it may be because the poetry has turned into……….. s…o…m…e…t..h…i…n…g……s..i…n…i…s…t…e…r


One thought on “Now that’s odd

  1. *** java.lang.Exception

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