Microsoft clearly loves Linux

………  I kid you not.   Anyone who has had the misfortune of installing Vista will clearly be able to see that Microsoft have chucked in the towel and handed the desktop over to Linux.

At least now I don’t need to worry at all about Vista being competition to Linux, you just need to look at the number of people who ‘specifically ask’ for Windows XP rather than Vista as they’d like to have something that has a chance of working.   I just have to shake my head at the highly questionable security model and the focus on ‘visual bling’ combined with the ritual changing the names of the tools to avoid the lack of security stigma from previous OS’s –  rather than getting the PC to actually do some work for you.

A python-ist (not the language) would likely ‘fart in the general direction’ of Vista, but i’m not sure it would notice due to the tremendous volume of stink it already produces.

Vista should come with a warning label and safe handling instructions for the disposal of the CD.

As a summary, watching the startup and shutdown of a PII-400 with 256Mb running Windows 98 and a AM2 4200 with 1Gb running Vista is quite entertaining with Windows 98 starting and stopping several minutes faster than Vista.   Go ahead, upgrade your OS and have a slower system – but remember to pay a lot of money to Microsoft for it and if all else fails, enjoy the eye candy, coz you’ll have plenty of time to look at it.


Some people are complete dicks….

Ok…   Picture this… I’m having a lovely Easter break up at Lake Mulwala, NSW and I continue my jogging while i’m there.

There’s a nice Jog across the lake via the rather awkwardly constructed bridge and into the town of Yarrawonga – well I fnd it nice anyway.

On my return trip back across the bridge some dickhead throws something quite large and hard which strikes me in the back of the head leaving me completely dazed for a number of minutes – i’m not sure how long as my memory is a little fuzzy.  I clearly had concussion and felt quite ill for the next couple of days.

I do vaguely remember it being a white car with a ‘P Plate’ driver and a passenger (most likely the object thrower) being quite pleased with his throw.   I don’t know what these people are thinking – a simple rash act like that can lead to completely ruining the life of their victim as well as their own – I guess the 20 cent summary is that they’re just dickheads – hopefully ‘Darwin’ will take care of them before they can reproduce.