Some people are complete dicks….

Ok…   Picture this… I’m having a lovely Easter break up at Lake Mulwala, NSW and I continue my jogging while i’m there.

There’s a nice Jog across the lake via the rather awkwardly constructed bridge and into the town of Yarrawonga – well I fnd it nice anyway.

On my return trip back across the bridge some dickhead throws something quite large and hard which strikes me in the back of the head leaving me completely dazed for a number of minutes – i’m not sure how long as my memory is a little fuzzy.  I clearly had concussion and felt quite ill for the next couple of days.

I do vaguely remember it being a white car with a ‘P Plate’ driver and a passenger (most likely the object thrower) being quite pleased with his throw.   I don’t know what these people are thinking – a simple rash act like that can lead to completely ruining the life of their victim as well as their own – I guess the 20 cent summary is that they’re just dickheads – hopefully ‘Darwin’ will take care of them before they can reproduce.


2 thoughts on “Some people are complete dicks….

  1. I have go agree with daveg. That is terrible.

    Unfortunately it seems to becoming the ‘norm’ of society that the cheap and stupid thrills of a few outweighs that of the majority.
    It seems this behavior that once resulted in being a society outcast is now just shrugged and ignored.

    If we want our streets and neighborhoods to be safe again, this type of behavior needs to be stomped on, punished and removed.

    I’m just glad you weren’t injured more seriously. (Though the concussion is serious enough). I am thankful these morons only had access to a rock/object, and nothing more damaging like a weapon (cross-bow, firearm, etc), as I fear the result may have been a lot worse for all involved.

    I hope you reported it… dickheads like this are likely locals and are probably known to the local constabulary.

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