Standing on the shoulders of giants

The time is 100 years in the future.  Human kind has colonized mars and our future generations look upon a relic of our current generation perched neatly on a sand dune in the martian desert.   They look with shame and have trouble understanding how we could do this terrible act.

Will we ever learn?   Must we continue to torture other species in an effort to explore space.  Surely we can extend our reach into the solar system by building on the research and considerable talents of our greatest thinkers and most daring explorers.  How can we do this terrible thing?  We should not let it happen.

By now, you’re probably wondering what this terrible relic is on the surface of mars.  At this stage I direct you to this article.  The terrible relic is the capsule containing animals sacrificed in the name of scientific research, in this case monkeys who as yet are unaware that Russia is planning to send them to mars so that they can die for the greater cause.

Will our future generations remember us with disgust?  I hope not.  Hopefully the current generations will be viewed as the beginning of an enlightened era – because we stopped not only this insane act, but because we stopped torturing animals in the name of scientific research, something we do because it’s cheaper and easier, but mostly because they can’t complain.

This is an unnecessary cost for the exploration of space and the search for life on other planets should not come at the expense of innocent species simply because we’re too scared or too stupid to figure out a better way.


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