watching junk with java

Ok,  I had to admit this press release did catch my eye.  To quote :

“The Eglin Space Surveillance Radar (FPS-85), which schedules and tracks catalogued space objects, is currently undergoing a complex modernization process to replace legacy mission-critical components built from one-of-a-kind equipment and custom software. The Sun Java Real-Time System, a high-level development platform for creating applications that require unprecedented execution predictability, will enable ITT to run the new solution using Java technology on Solaris 10 OS and standard hardware.”

As a Linux nerd it’s a shame that it’s Solaris 10 and not one of the RT variants of Linux but any technology that controls a 1250 ton radar array that can track basketball sized objects 22000 nautical miles away is pretty cool in my book 🙂

It is disappointing that the Sun Java Real-Time system isn’t opensource, but it least it’s good to note that it is available for real time linux variants such as SLERT.


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