The empire strikes back…. or does it?

I still chuckle from the completely non-scientific way of benchmarking Java versus Python in a previous posting. Anyway, to further rub salt into the wounds we can have a look at the results from the Debian language shootout .   Maybe I should just present the results without commentary …. nah where would be the fun in that 🙂

The graph is indicating that yes, java outperforms python in just about all of the benchmarks.  Sure the memory usage of the java application is higher and I concede that that is one of the major drawbacks of the java platform.  If the bug discussed in this prior post was actually fixed then there would be little to whinge about – but i’m sure people would find something, because people love whinging, me included  🙂

Interestingly here are the results of a Java versus Perl comparison as well.

What! Java is faster than perl, how can this be ! /me removes tongue from cheek.

And for those who still tell me that php is faster than Java…. well let’s see….

Oh dear, poor php.

This sort of data all ways makes me chuckle.  The only bit that makes me uncomfortable is that I didn’t run the tests myself and I haven’t looked at the code contained in the benchmarks.   This is something that I want to do agains the openjdk code base as i’m doing research on the hotspot compiler and this code provides for an interesting test bed.

The 20 cent summary is if you think Python is faster than Java then you really need to have a look at the data.  If you want Python to be faster than Java then analyze the code, explore the Python code base and see if you can make it better – take that as a challenge as everyone benefits from the results.

Yes, I use Python as well as Perl and Java, make them all quicker – see if I care 😛


What a load of …..

Dear Dog Owner,

I was saddened to discover that you are deaf, blind and without a sense of smell.  What is remarkable though is your persistence and enthusiasm that you display when walking your dog.

What?….  You’re not blind or deaf and your sense of smell is perfect!  How can this be when clearly you have to be blind to miss the turd the size of Uluru your dog just dropped on the footpath?   Surely you noticed the howls and grunts your dog  produced during this period as it excreted a turd second to none?   How is it that your olfactory system wasn’t completely overpowered by the steaming mound that not only caused an EPA alert for the foul stench, but also contributed a significant proportion of our green house gas emissions?

Perhaps I should be more understanding as clearly you are delusional and out of touch with your surroundings as well. Sadly, I also must conclude that you have a low IQ, but here I can help you out.  A ‘Footpath’ is for ‘Walking On’ – note the clever way the words are related.   You may possibly begin to realize that ‘footpath’ does not mean – ‘place to let dog drop godzilla sized turd’.   Maybe there is some hope for you.

As I said above, I do admire your spirit for being able to travel outside and walk your dog, but please do the right thing and do not leave your dogs creations for others to discover.

Lots of Love

Dog Turd Victim

System.exit(0) Universe Terminated

I’m always interested in cool things running Java, mostly because i’m a nerd, but also because it annoys people when I tell them how cool Java is and let’s face it – that’s a fair bit of fun in itself 🙂

Anyway,  the Large Hadron Collider uses Linux, Java and other platforms with both Linux and Java playing a major role in the control systems.   So, how does Java lead to the end of the universe. Well, of course that is a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ view of the legal challenge raised against the LHC where it is speculated that the LHC could create a variety of conditions leading to the end of us all (read more over at wikipedia).   Let’s hope no one leaves a stray System.exit() in the code and accidentally destroy the universe – that really would be a poor programming practice  🙂

The list of really cool practical applications of Java and Linux technology continues to grow.  It seems to me that the LHC is possibly the biggest machine ever created – are there others bigger?