System.exit(0) Universe Terminated

I’m always interested in cool things running Java, mostly because i’m a nerd, but also because it annoys people when I tell them how cool Java is and let’s face it – that’s a fair bit of fun in itself 🙂

Anyway,  the Large Hadron Collider uses Linux, Java and other platforms with both Linux and Java playing a major role in the control systems.   So, how does Java lead to the end of the universe. Well, of course that is a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ view of the legal challenge raised against the LHC where it is speculated that the LHC could create a variety of conditions leading to the end of us all (read more over at wikipedia).   Let’s hope no one leaves a stray System.exit() in the code and accidentally destroy the universe – that really would be a poor programming practice  🙂

The list of really cool practical applications of Java and Linux technology continues to grow.  It seems to me that the LHC is possibly the biggest machine ever created – are there others bigger?


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