It’s sad when…..

For your morning commute you have to walk, catch a bus followed by a train and still more walking to get into the office and it takes about an hour and twenty minutes, costs you $10.10 and then you discover that you can ride into work in One Hour and three minutes, costs you nothing but a little sweat and you have a healthier lifestyle.

Maybe it’s not sad, but perhaps a happy discovery.  People get out of your cars, ignore the pathetic public transport and simply ride to work – the planet will thank you later 🙂


6 thoughts on “It’s sad when…..

  1. So true, so true.

    I’d be interested to get timings for you riding in during peak hours during weekdays.

    I suspect you did this on the weekend?

  2. Matt, this is Australia. The difference between peak hour and a weekend on a bike would probably be a minute or two 😛

  3. It depends… if riding on a public road or on a bike track. It actually does make quite a difference.

  4. It was on the weekend and it was primarily on a bike track, except for a small section of road (~700m). If anything I suspect the weekend would be worse as the bike paths fill with people walking dogs.

  5. Yup agree.. .you should do fine during the week.

    So are you riding in all this week?

  6. Let me know next time you wear tracky dacks to work so i can wear mine and not feel uncomfortable….Cheers from Amsterdam!

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