VLC – 1, MythTV Internal Player – 0

Don’t freak, I love my MythTV, however the Internal player for handling videos and dvds tends to suck a little at times.

I watch a few google videos (more like this or this, than this , but hey, you watch what you want 🙂 ) – anyway, the MythTV internal player more often than not doesn’t like playing these files, with either the video jumping, audio twitching, missing or some odd combination thereof.   Anyway, I’d finally had enough and decided i’d switch from the internal player to using vlc.

Surprisingly it’s pretty easy.

In mythtv, navigate the menus to “Video Settings” -> “Player Settings” and change the player from ‘Internal’ to vlc file://%s vlc:quit .  The vlc:quit adds ‘quit’ to the playlist which means when the video ends you’re not left with vlc sitting there looking at you.

Rather than passing parms to vlc via the command line, I modified the ~/.vlc/vlcrc and set options like :

control=lirc    #note

Then of course I had to modify my ~/.lircrc to allow my remote and vlc to have a happy relationship.  Of course your remote is likely different to mine, but the concept looks like this:

In this context, button is the button pressed on the remote and config is the vlc action to take (as detailed in the ~/.vlc/vlcrc )

#Stop playback and exit
prog = vlc
button = stop
config = key-quit

# Pause playback
prog = vlc
button = playpause
repeat = 3
config = key-play-pause

# Seek back 10 seconds
prog = vlc
button = rew
repeat = 3
config = key-jump-short

End result, all my videos work without issue.  My nearly 4 yr old son can happily get mythtv to work with this configuration, so dont let anyone tell you mythtv is hard to use 🙂


zfs … Ok i’m jealous

If you’ve ever built large filesystems on linux with hundreds of disks using ext3 and LVM you will appreciate the very nice way zfs works on opensolaris.   Having had a play with zfs – I am jealous.

If you would like to see more on zfs, the following 3 videos are an excellent presentation and demonstration of zfs.  Thanks to Bill and Jeff and Sun for making this available.

ZFS : The last word in filesystems Pt 1

ZFS : The last word in filesystems Pt 2

ZFS : The last word in filesystems Pt 3