Launching balloons

It’s been a while since i’ve posted something here. Most of my recent blogs have been within the team space at ASRI and are therefore private until it’s ready for public release.   Anyway, there are two pieces of news I can happily report :

  1. I’ve been appointed as the new High Altitude Balloon (HAB) manager for ASRI.  This is a fantastic opportunity to do some decent hardware and software hacking – if only work provided opportunities like this 😦
  2. My first project proposal as part of the HAB program has been given approval to proceed.  This project expects to deliver a number of flights with one of the goals being the creation of  an ongoing capability for ASRI members, schools, universities and the general public – much the same as what ASRI currently does with its unique Small Sounding Rocket Program (SSRP).

These balloon flights typically get above most of the atmosphere to a height around 30km.  The current flight computing hardware i’m designing isn’t Linux based 😦   It is being developed on Linux.   Will Linux be flown?   If the experiment complexity dictates it then yes, of course.   The current hardware is most likely going to be based on the parallax propellor microcontroller which  provides 8 processors (COGS).

Anyway, that is my update for the moment.   More to follow.