High Altitude Balloon project

Hi, Just a quick note to say that my HABx (yeah not a real catchy name) High Altitude Balloon project has been approved for developed as an ASRI project.   There are more likely to be HABx updates on my ASRI blog.


My D-Link AP is dead, long live my Linksys

Finally…… after torturing me for a few years my D-Link DWL7000AP died.   It has been nothing but trouble.  In my opinion D-Link gear is sub-standard.  It was a crap AP, and the corresponding wireless cards equally as crappy.

Anyway, after cheering the demise of my DWL7000AP  I went out and got a Linksys WRT54GL (yes I know it’s a wireless broadband router) and i’m happily using it as a replacement access point for my home network.

There was only a little bit of fiddling required for using it as an AP only.

  1. don’t put a cable into the port reserved for your broadband connection, just use one of the other ports.
  2. turn off dhcp on the wrt54gl as you want to have dhcp requests pass through to your existing dhcp server.
  3. Give the wrt54gl a management IP on the same subnet as the rest of your network
  4. Set up the wireless security you want.

Hey presto.

As for performance, my DWL7000AP was crap.  Wireless performance meant the network was dodgy anywhere in the house, yes, even sitting next to it (oh yeah d-link refused to believe it was faulty and was working as designed).  Anyway. the wrt54gl network performance is far superior and I get peak performance to the edges of my property – not sure why i’ll be sitting on my boundary fence surfing the internet but at least now I have the option to do so 😉

Why didn’t I go wireless N ?  Well i’ve spent enough money on wireless gear and in general I find wireless a poor substitute for wire – so I wanted a quick rock solid replacement that worked with all the other wireless gear – no point paying for N if you’re not going to ever use it.   Wireless is good for sitting outside on a nice day but wire is good – don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise 😉

Oh yeah, what’s the link to Linux here?   The ‘L’ in the WRT54GL means it runs Linux – gotta love that penguin.