nagios forked

I normally don’t get that fussed by opensource projects going off on tangents.  However, I think the fork of nagios to icinga is a good thing, much in the same way as quagga was a great fork of zebra.

Nagios is ok, it’s not great.  There are many areas where it can improve and now that the future for the tool is directly in the hands of the community i’m hoping it can make some big leaps forward.

Of course, the new team has to step up and deliver the goods.   I’m happy to support them where I can by replacing my nagios deployment with icinga.


2 thoughts on “nagios forked

  1. Will you be moving over on the first release or will you see how things pan out with icinga?

  2. To be honest, I haven’t been overly happy with nagios lately. It is a little stuck in the early 2000’s. To me icinga looks like it is promising changes – how they pan out will be anyones guess. Given my frustrations with nagios moving to icinga is a better step that moving to a completely different solution.

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