Subway get your act together!

Come on subway – this is pretty pathetic.

I went to lunch today expecting to have a nice 30cm (aka Foot long) Veggie Patty roll and what do I find – oh we’re all out of veggie patties.   Ok I think, there are 3 other subway outlets in my area i’ll go to another.   All  3 of them were out.   Not only that, this is the second time in 2 months i’ve had the same story from subway.

So, in response I thought i’d provide them with some help.

If you have only one box of veggie patties left – please order some more pronto 🙂

Maybe there is a worldwide plague and veggie patties are the natural defence – maybe they’re being stockpiled and therefore there is a global shortage.  Somehow I suspect not, just poor management of stock.

So get your act together  – oh and you owe me 40 minutes of lunchtime and a couple of dollars of petrol 😉


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