Apollo 11 and nutcases

40 years ago this month people landed on the moon.   It was real, it was not done in hollywood, it was not a hoax – so get over it.

Evidence was requested by the conspiracy theory nutcases, well here it is, images of some of the apollo landing sites on the moon complete with the tracks left by the astronauts as they deployed some science experiments.


Of course, the above image was likely also faked as part of an ongoing conspiracy.  At this point I will just sigh and hope that you nuts all just slowly fade away or perhaps you can put your efforts into developing technology and programmes to get yourself to the moon to see it first hand, hopefully without a space suit.

Of course none of this post should concern you as clearly I am simply part of the conspiracy and the fact that you have read this means I have circumvented your aluminium foil hat protection and I am now reading and controlling your every thought.   All your base are belong to us!


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