Introducing Clifford

Just got back from a nice break up at Bright.  Since i’d never been to Bright or skiing at Falls Creek I decided a GPS unit might be a handy addition to the trip.  Anyway, long story short I borrowed my father in-laws TomTom GPS unit and I have to say I was less than impressed by it.

So who is Clifford?   Well, Clifford is the name I gave the GPS.  Clifford was a little confused most of the time and downright ridiculous at other times.   Clifford decided on 2 occassions during the drive up to Falls Creek that we really needed to make a left hand turn off the road and over the cliff.   This was quite entertaining for the whole family and this is how CLIFFord got his name.   ‘His’ ?  Yes,  I suspect Clifford was a male as he was unlikely to ask for help from anyone when he clearly had no idea where he was going.

No these are not new roads, nor do I suspect that they have mysteriously moved.   Needless to say I wont be buying a Tom Tom and I may be borrowing more units before finding if any of them are any good 😉