Introducing Clifford

Just got back from a nice break up at Bright.  Since i’d never been to Bright or skiing at Falls Creek I decided a GPS unit might be a handy addition to the trip.  Anyway, long story short I borrowed my father in-laws TomTom GPS unit and I have to say I was less than impressed by it.

So who is Clifford?   Well, Clifford is the name I gave the GPS.  Clifford was a little confused most of the time and downright ridiculous at other times.   Clifford decided on 2 occassions during the drive up to Falls Creek that we really needed to make a left hand turn off the road and over the cliff.   This was quite entertaining for the whole family and this is how CLIFFord got his name.   ‘His’ ?  Yes,  I suspect Clifford was a male as he was unlikely to ask for help from anyone when he clearly had no idea where he was going.

No these are not new roads, nor do I suspect that they have mysteriously moved.   Needless to say I wont be buying a Tom Tom and I may be borrowing more units before finding if any of them are any good 😉


One thought on “Introducing Clifford

  1. I’ve found the TomTom’s aren’t particularly ‘useful’.
    How old are the maps on the system?

    I own a Garmin Nuvi 760…. and it works quite well.

    We have also purchased Lifetime Map updates ($180AUD), and the maps get updated 4 times a year.

    Whilst ‘directions’ at times can be ‘interesting’… it doesn’t send us off the road!

    We find the directions can send you on a longer route (very occassionally — like coming to our own address) — it seems to be an issue with no only this model/maker — but the data provided by Sensis. :-/

    All in all though, the maps are updated and have new ring roads, and roads as they are put in place (our current GPS has for example the Geelong Ring Road in there).

    GPSes are indeed good.. but only as good as the maps they have, and the directions provided by those like Sensis.

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