ASRI Conference for 2009 is over

The weekend just gone (Nov 28-29) saw ASRI conduct it’s annual conference.  It was a low key affair with a small number of attendees.   Even with a small number of attendees the conference saw lively debate on a variety of Australian space related topics and it was extemely enjoyable for all that attended.

I gave the ASRI High Altitude Balloon (HAB) program update for 2009 and was pleased with the number of questions which indicated I didn’t put everyone to sleep 🙂



Ethernet over power

Got myself a pair of the netcomm 200Mbps Homeplug AV ethernet over power adapters to reach into a hard to reach (wireless wise) part of my house.

Plugged them in, turned them on, configured linux to bring the interface up – works!

Technology is fantastic when it works – and this works fine. Throughput-wise I got 23 Megabytes / sec which is 184 Megabits / sec which is close to the rated throughput of the device.   Sure , I might have gotten lucky, but I deserve it 🙂

HABx hardware taking form

My loyal blog readers (and you know who you are)  will have seen a mention of the HABx balloon project from an earlier posting.

I thought it was about time for an update.

The procedures documentation and hardware development is proceeding quite well now.   The HABx telemetry package is made up of a propeller microcontroller and now has working (prototype) temperature sensors, accelerometers, pressure sensors and now a GPS.    Only four (4) things to prototype now from the electronics perspective, the cameras, strobe, RF and the termination system.

The system is slowly but steadily coming together with a tethered integration ‘flight’ set for early in the new year.