Ethernet over power

Got myself a pair of the netcomm 200Mbps Homeplug AV ethernet over power adapters to reach into a hard to reach (wireless wise) part of my house.

Plugged them in, turned them on, configured linux to bring the interface up – works!

Technology is fantastic when it works – and this works fine. Throughput-wise I got 23 Megabytes / sec which is 184 Megabits / sec which is close to the rated throughput of the device.   Sure , I might have gotten lucky, but I deserve it 🙂


One thought on “Ethernet over power

  1. I’ve been running with some 200Mbps Netgear ones that I got off Anton which he couldn’t use due to dodgy shared wiring in his apartment. Luckily for me, my apartment doesn’t have dodgy shared wiring, so its all good!

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