pxe boot kvm guests

Bang Bang Bang – that’s my head on the table.  Why wont my Ubuntu Lucid KVM system PXE boot VM’s

Starting SeaBIOS (version 0.5.1-20100120_010601-rothera)

No bootable device.

Is all I got when using -boot n

Clearly something was wrong – and it was = there were no pxe boot roms in /usr/share/kvm .

It seems the problem sources back to this original ubuntu bug report which details how Ubuntu wouldn’t  ship the PXE roms as there is no source for them.

Anyway, I needed to install kvm-pxe from lucid universe and hey presto :

# dpkg -L kvm-pxe

PXE booting now works….  you may all return to your scheduled viewing.


3 thoughts on “pxe boot kvm guests

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  2. Thank you from me as well, I was getting an headache 🙂

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