Tidbit #2

  • Over at the Citrix Community Blog they continue their discussion about using powershell to mange XenDesktop.   To me, powershell is ok, and it’s really nice to see what is a dramatic improvement in windows scripting capability but when you’ve come from a Linux platform with the wealth of scripting languages available you struggle to be super impressed.  Don’t get me wrong powershell is a fantastic step forward for windows scripting.   That being said, a lot of virtualisation vendors are putting considerable effort into adding cmdlets for powershell to manage their hypervisors.  Those toolkits often aren’t available in equivalent form for Linux so even with the superior scripting possibilities you’re lacking the high level virtualisation constructs to wrap that wonderful scripting technology around.   There’s a definite trend to manage virtual infrastructure with powershell.  Personally, i’d prefer another option.
  • Oracle transforms SGE (Sun grid Engine) from free to 90 day evaluation.  It’s pretty sad, but Oracle is far better at making money than sun was so I can understand why they’re doing it.   I’m not sure the current user base is sufficiently cashed up to make the transition and I suspect most will look around for alternatives and only pay if they can’t find one.
  • Oracle released a white paper on Architectural Strategies for Cloud Computing
  • Citrix and HP produced an interesting whitepaper on Analyzing Citrix XenServer persistent performance metrics from Round Robin Database logs – it’s important to measure and monitor performance of your virtual infrastructure, you pay enough for it, make sure it’s performing properly 🙂
  • Something of interest to me is Google have finally released their chat client for Linux.  Am I still a second class google citizen because I run Linux?
  • Veeam released a lite (read as free) version of their reporter product
  • An excellent summary of The State of Open Source System Automation by Aleksey Tsalolikbin over at linux-mag is well worth a look if you want to understand the state of play for linux automation.
  • RHEV bug RHSA-2010:0627-01 DoS or possible privilege escalation on the host.  The geek in me wants to explore this a bit more – damn you free time, where are you.
  • Another excellent whitepaper on VMware vCenter Server Performance and Best Practices for vSphere 4.1 from vmware.
  • Great howto on Installing And Using OpenVZ On Ubuntu 10.04.   Openvz creates secure Linux containers.   If you’re only running a Linux workload and thinking about virtualising it then it’s worth a closer look.  Of course libvirt can manage openvz based linux virtualisation.

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