Ding Dong the Frame is dead

So the W3C released a draft of HTML5 and I tried to get excited but there wasn’t a lot there really to grab my attention – well there was one thing – no more damn frames. It’s got to be worthwhile upgrading just to see the end of that filth 🙂
From a structural perspective most of the formatting constructs have been removed or more correctly delegated to the CSS. As such HTML5 is structurally far simpler than HTML4 so that has to be a good thing.

Has anything interesting been added to HTML5 in the *gasp* nearly 10 years since HTML 4.01?

Well there are some good web application constructs, such as :

  • 2D drawing API which can be used with the new canvas element.
  • API for playing of video and audio which can be used with the new video and audio elements.
  • Persistent storage. Both key / value and a SQL database are supported.
  • An API that enables offline Web applications.
  • An API that allows a Web application to register itself for certain protocols or MIME types.
  • Editing API in combination with a new global contenteditable attribute.
  • Drag & drop API in combination with a draggable attribute.
  • Network API.
  • API that exposes the history and allows pages to add to it to prevent breaking the back button. (This API has the necessary security restrictions in place.)
  • Cross-document messaging.
  • Server-sent events in combination with the new event-source element.

In summary, some stuff that may make the development of web 2.0 applications a bit easier and hopefully allow some of them to suck less but how long do we have to wait for this draft to turn into something concrete – 2010 . Too little, too late. Give me more – but feel free to take the frame away right now.